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Thermarest Camp and Comfort Series


Thermarest Camp and Comfort Series - Thermarest's new Camp & Comfort™ mattresses offer incomparable softness and warmth, making outdoor experiences more comfortable than ever. Family campers, car campers, and base campers all pick this mattress when waking up refreshed is priority one. Secure online ordering

Thermarest Camp and Comfort Series Mats include the Thermarest Base Camp, Thermarest Dream Time, Thermarest Luxury Camp and Thermarest Ridge Rest Deluxe. Check Daily Specials.

Thermarest BaseCamp Thermarest BaseCamp -- Starting at $64.95 -- BaseCamp™ Our all-purpose car-camping mattress—now warmer than ever. ° Cushioning: Added thickness for increased comfort. ° Extra-Warm: Solid foam core provides superior warmth. Uses: General car, family, and base camping. X-Large Weight 4lbs. 4oz. (1930g) Rolled Size 30x5.6in. (76x14cm) R-Value 5.8 Thickness 2in. (5cm) Large Weight 3lbs. 10oz. (1640g) Rolled Size 26x5.6in. (66x14cm) R-Value 5.8 Thickness 2in. (5cm) Regular Weight 2lbs. 12oz. (1250g) Rolled Size 21x5.4in. (53x14cm) R-Value 5.8 Thickness 2in. (5cm)
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Thermarest Dream Time Thermarest Dream Time -- Starting at $199.95 -- DreamTime™ Unmatched warmth and comfort in a pillow-top mattress system. ° Luxurious: Premium three-layer design includes removable mattress, cushy pillow top, and plush fleece cover. ° Convenient: Rolls up quickly with compression straps for easy storage. ° Easy Care: Removable fleece cover is machine-washable. Uses: The ultimate car-camping mattress or replacement bed in a camper. X-Large Weight 8lbs. (3630g) Rolled Size 30x11in. (76x28cm) R-Value 8.0 Thickness 3.0in. (8cm) Large Weight 6lbs. 13oz. (3090g) Rolled Size 25x11in. (66x28cm) R-Value 8.0 Thickness 3.0in. (8cm)
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Thermarest LuxuryCamp Thermarest LuxuryCamp -- Starting at $99.95 -- LuxuryCamp™ Our most comfortable traditional mattress—now warmer than ever. ° Ultrasoft: Stretch-knit fabric increases comfort. ° Extra-Warm: Added thickness delivers unmatched warmth. ° Sleep Easy: Contoured surface means a better night’s sleep. Uses: Crafted for the avid camper who wants a great night’s sleep. X-Large Weight 5lbs. 1oz. (2295g) Rolled Size 30x5.6in. (76x14cm) R-Value 6.1 Thickness 2.5in. (6.3cm) Large Weight 4lbs. 3oz. (1900g) Rolled Size 26x5.6in. (66x14cm) R-Value 6.1 Thickness 2.5in. (6.3cm) Regular Weight 3lbs. 2oz. (1420g) Rolled Size 21x5.4in. (53x14cm) R-Value 6.1 Thickness 2.5in. (6.3cm)
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Thermarest RidgeRest® Deluxe Thermarest RidgeRest® Deluxe -- Starting at $34.95 -- RidgeRest® Deluxe The thickest, warmest closed-cell pad. ° All-Season: Warm enough for cold-weather and snow camping. ° Soft: Unique ridged design increases softness and comfort. ° Long-Lasting: Added thickness makes this our most durable pad. Uses: Perfect for general camping and cold-weather conditions. Large Weight 1lb. 10oz. (740g) Rolled Size 25x9.3in (64x24cm) R-Value 3.1 Thickness 0.75in. (2cm) Regular Weight 1lb. 3oz. (540g) Rolled Size 20x8.6in. (51x22cm) R-Value 3.1 Thickness 0.75in. (2cm)
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