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Reliable Canvas Wall Tents

   Reliable Canvas Wall Tents include the Gallatin Wall Tent and The Big Horn Wall Tent as we as wall tent frames. Reliable Canvas wall tents come in multiple fabrics and sizes.

Reliable Canvas Wall Tents

Gallatin Wall Tent Gallatin Wall Tent --Starting at $283.95 -- The Gallatin Wall Tent The Gallatin model is our basic, tried & true wall tent design that you can customize to meet your specific needs. The Gallatin is offered in five different fabric constructions . The wall heights are full "finished size" but keep in mind that the other dimensions listed are cut size . These tents work well on platforms and can also be made with 4' or 6' side walls. Stakes, tent bag and rope tighteners are included. Tent frame is not included and is sold separately. Sizes Available: 8'x10'x5' (center height:8') 10'x12'x5'(center height:8'10") 12'x14'x5'(center height:8'7") 12'x16'x5'(center height:8'7") 14'x16'x5'(center height:9'3") 16'x20'x5'(center height:9'9") Fabric Choice is equally as important as tent size. It is the fabric that will provide the protection from the elements, maintain a warm dry interior, stand up to rugged handling and be of good value for your money. This is asking a lot from most fabrics and is the reason we offer several different fabric constructions in our tents and tipis. Each fabric we use provides a little different combination of important features and benefits for your consideration. 12oz. Natural Canvas -The 12oz. per square yard, single filled material is a rugged fabric that is very economical. Even though it is our starting price level in tents, is it by no means a cheap fabric. The natural water repellent qualities of the fabric provide a nice dry tent, especially after it has shrunk up a bit. The material is breathable and has good insulating qualities compared to lighter weight fabrics. The 12oz. per square yard material is a sensible and economic choice. 14.9oz. Natural Canvas -14.9oz. per square yard, single filled material is a popular tent material and for good reason. It is tough, water repellent and warm. Because it has 20% more cotton woven in it than the 12oz. material, it has superior insulating qualities. The additional cotton also provides a tighter, more water repellent and more durable fabric. Unless you are very concerned about overall weight, the 14.9oz. per square yard fabric is our recommendation for your wall tent. An argument could be made that this fabric will actually cost you less due to its probable longer life and the reduced likelihood of its needing repairs. Treated Canvas: 10.10oz. Marine Treated Army Duck: A premium cotton fabric more tightly woven than the single filled variety, creating excellent strength and durability in a lighter weight base fabric. Shrinkage is greatly reduced with this fabric. We add treatment to create a truly top quality, dry finish, water and mildew retardant tent fabric. Colors come in natural, dark tan, or gray mist. The prices you see on all tents (except the Kodiak) are for 10.10oz marine natural. Dark tan and gray mist are a little higher. 10.10oz. Marine/Flame Treated Army Duck: Our treated 10.10oz. per square yard army duck is offered for its flame retardant qualities, meeting the flammability standards of CPAI-84, an industry wide standard. Flame retardant fabric is one of the most asked for features on our tents. In fact, flame retardant tents are required for use in California, Minnesota, Michigan, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. Our treated 10.10oz. fits that bill. In addition to being flame retardant, it is also treated for water repellency and mildew resistance. This fabric makes an excellent choice where a durable, economic and flame retardant material is important.
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The Big Horn Wall Tent The Big Horn Wall Tent -- Starting at $354.95 -- The Big Horn Wall Tent The Big Horn wall tent is our standardized wall tent. The Big Horn is offered in 10.10oz. Marine Treated or in 10.10oz. Marine & Flame Treated fabrics. Both fabrics have a breathable," dry" treatment for mildew and water repellency. The flame treated has the added treatment that meets CPAI 84, an industry wide standard of flame resistance. This tent comes standard with a sod cloth, stove pipe shield, zippered door and back window. Ropes, stakes, rope tighteners and carrying bag are also standard. Wall Tent Frames are not included and sold separately. Included with the Big Horn Model: ~ Stove Pipe Shield (5"/6" roof - front right corner as entering the tent) ~ Sod cloth - vinyl laminated nylon ~ Zippered door - heavy duty #10 ~ Window - 18" x 24" with zippered weather flap ~ Stakes - 12" Durapeg (high impact resin) ~ Guy Ropes & Tighteners Tent and Stake Bags ~ Ridge Pole Openings ~ 12" Overlap Door with Side Release Buckles In & Out ~ Heavy Duty canvas reinforcements on ends and peaks Sizes Available: 8'x10'x5' (center height:8') 10'x12'x5'(center height:8'10") 12'x14'x5'(center height:8'7") 12'x16'x5'(center height:8'7") 14'x16'x5'(center height:9'3") 16'x20'x5'(center height:9'9")
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Wall Tent Frames Wall Tent Frames -- Starting at $299.95 -- Wall Tent Frames These frames are specially made to fit Reliable's Wall Tents. At last a freestanding frame for wall tents that is lightweight, sturdy and affordable. This aluminum frame is made exclusively for Reliable's wall tents. This frame will give you unobstructed floor space and no center uprights to interfere with the door opening. Everything you need to set up is included in this framework and no tools are required. The detachable angle fittings are made of .083 welded aluminum and the tubing is 1-1/4" OD aluminum. This tubing allows for strength and durability while being light enough to pack on a horse. Sleeved sections are available to break down the length of the tubing for the rafters, ridge and eaves for ease of packing. Storage bags are included with the frame. We offer the frames in single, double or triple rafters. The Single rafter model has one intermediate rafter and leg, the Double has two intermediate rafters and legs, and the Triple has 3 intermediate rafters and legs.
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