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Poison Ivy Prevention and Treatment

  • Ivy Soothe Ivy Soothe -- $6.95 -- Already got poison ivy? Here’s how to lose the itch fast. With IvySoothe® creme, you’ll get fast relief from that painful poison ivy itch and rash. Just rub it on your skin and it goes to work instantly. IvySoothe contains Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Cream to help quickly relieve the effects of urushiol on your skin. And no prescription is required. Clinically tested for safety and effectiveness, IvySoothe also relieves the itch from minor skin irritations and insect bites.
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  • IvyBlock -- $3.95 -- IvyBlock The only FDA-approved product that’s clinically proven to help prevent poison oak, ivy and sumac rashes before they start. IvyBlock® is a safe, effective, non-allergenic over-the-counter lotion that really works, really well. And, it’s as simple to use as sunblock. Just rub it on your skin before you go outdoors and you’re protected for hours. The secret ingredient? It’s Bentoquatam, a patented substance that actually absorbs urushiol—the incredibly irritating oil that’s the most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis in America—before it irritates the skin. So this summer (and spring, fall and winter since poison plants are active year-round) instead of stocking up on scrubs and treatments that are all washed up by comparison, use the only truly proven pre-exposure preventative against poison oak, ivy and sumac rash—IvyBlock. And for total control, add IvyBlock Complete™ kit to your medicine cabinet to help eliminate all the ugly effects of urushiol.
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  • IvyCleanse -- $6.95 -- Wipe out poison ivy in your household by removing the urushiol oil that causes the rash and itch. Did you know tools and gloves stored all winter in your garage can still have irritating urushiol oil on them a year or more later? It’s true. And you can pick up a rash just by touching them. IvyCleanse® towelettes are one of the easiest and most effective ways to remove the harmful poison plant oil that cause that wicked rash and itching. Just wipe an IvyCleanse towelette over your skin, exposed clothes, tools, boots and sports equipment to get rid of the oils that cause the itch. And remember, for maximum protection, follow our simple PIP (Poison Ivy Protection) Program: Recognize and avoid poisonous plants. Wear protective clothing. Use IvyBlock lotion BEFORE exposure
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