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A paracord, or parachute cord, is an invaluable type of nylon cord available in a wide variety of colors, lengths and strengths. Hikers, survivalists, and those in the military use paracords for a wide variety of reasons due to their unique strength and composition. For anyone spending any amount of time in the wilderness, a paracord is one item you should never be without.

550 Strength

550 parachute cord is a popular type of paracord that received its name because it can withstand up to 550 pounds of pull and remain intact. 550 Cord has 7 strand inside it's Core. In the military, it is often used for binding luggage to roof racks or bedrolls to rucksacks. In addition, it can also be used to create a makeshift shelter by securing a length of parachute cord between two trees and drawing a type of sheeting over it. If necessary, paracord can even be a means to carefully lower a person from one height to another.

450 parachute cord is a 450 pound test it has 3-4 strands inside it's core but the diameter of the cord is the same for 450 and 550 test cord 1/8" and all of Barre Army Navy Store's Cord is made by a government contractor in the USA.

Practical Uses

Nylon parachute cord has multiple practical uses when other supplies are limited. You can replace a broken zipper pull and tie a trip wire to offer greater security to an area. Use it while camping to secure equipment, tarps and tents. Nylon parachute cord can even be used to make shoelaces, clothesline, fish nets and an anchor line. With so many uses, your parachute cord purchase will never go to waste.

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