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Welcome to the Barre Army Navy Online Store with camping, hunting, travel, and military clothing and equipment.
We ship to US, Canadian and APO addresses.

ACU Parka Gen 1

$149.95 $112.46 -- ACU Parka Gen 1. Army Extreme Cold Weather Military Spec Jacket. New Army ACU Gen 1 Parka.

Purchase ACU Parka Gen 1

ACU Parka Gen 1

Army Jacket New ACU pattern. Closeout when sold out we will not be restocking Gen 1.

The ACU jacket is either Generation 1 made by Barrierwear to military spec

**(exchanges may not be available for this item. Returns can be made for another ACU jacket model, any other merchandise that we sell, or for a refund minus a 15% re-stock fee.)

Purchase ACU Parka Gen 1

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    ACU Gen 1 ECWCS Parkas - Closeout ACU Gen 1 ECWCS Parkas - Closeout -- Atlanco H20 Proof Gen 1 ECWCS Parkas These items are brand new. We need to reduce our in store inventory to make room for new items! These are going to go fast! Note: Feedback is sizes are running small. Army Digital Gen 1 ECWCS Parkas Rain Wear By TRU-SPEC. Features: *3 layer wind proof, water proof, breathable material *Taped seams *Non-freezing two way zipper *Double Storm Flap *Removable micro-fleece liner that can be worn seperately *Oversized attached hood with drawstring *Insignia/badge loop on front *Double reinforced elbows *3 pocket design *Adjustable Sleeve Cuffs *Sleeves have zippered underarms for ventilation Comments from one of our customers, "Hi, I received my ACU gortex parka from you this month. Thank you for the fast service and excellent product. I bought the $74.00 parka (ECWS Generation I parka) instead of the $229. Although I was concerned it might be a cheap imitation that I would not be able to wear, it turned out to be as advertised, remarkably similiar to the Army issue gortex. I brought it to my unit and let other Soldiers check it out. No one could find a difference in the $74 product and the Army issue parka. Thanks for the great service, fast delivery (I'm at an APO address), and truly caring about what you sell to U.S. Soldiers. Happy Holidays." Sincerely, Gregg Orto

    Brown Trouser Socks Brown Trouser Socks -- Brown Trouser Socks Smart Socks are made of natural and synthetic fibers that keep your feet comfortable & dry. Smart Socks utilize cushioning, ventilation and arch support to customize each style for a specific use. Construction is intended to meet the needs of active people who demand a great fit and performance. Made in the USA Available in size large sizing info: (men's 10-13)

    ChilTech Underwear (Closeout) ChilTech Underwear (Closeout) -- ChilTech Underwear (Closeout)"Off The Rack" Sale We need to reduce our in store inventory to make room for new items! Limited to instock items only If you are involved in cold weather sports or activities, and need a high quality thermal wicking garment that is not too bulky, then these garments are designed for you. Style 610 Shirt, Style 630 Pants The shirt and pants are both made of CHILLTECH material, which is 100% polyester interlock. It has the feel of cotton, is washer and dryer safe, shrink resistant, and features superior wicking and thermal retention. The Style 610 shirt features long sleeves and a crew neck and the Style 630 pants features a fly front. Both products feature rib cuffs and binding. We suggest going slightly big. Color is black only.

    Condor Soft Shell Jacket- Stock Condor Soft Shell Jacket- Stock -- Condor Soft Shell Jacket We were only able to get a few of these in! Next shipment is not expected until 2011. This durable, waterproof, lightweight, breathable fabric contain billions of microscopic pores smaller than a raindrop, but hundred times larger than a molecule of water vapor. The triple layer combination wicks moisture, stop water from passing through, and circulate body heat. Description : - Lined stand-up collar - Stow-away hoodie - Two shoulder pockets - Two 4" x 4" shoulder patch panels - Two internal pockets - Two highrise slash chest pockets - Forearm pocket - Double zipper back pocket - Underarm vent zipper - Double layer reinforced forearm - Drawstring waistband and hood - Adjustable wrist cuff Material Outer Layer: 100% polyester, 4-way elastic, high density fabric. Mid Layer: breathable film membrane. Inner Layer: super fine fleece. Care Instruction - NO Bleach, NO Iron, NO Dry Clean - Wash inside out in low temperture - Tumble dry in low heat

    Desert Digital Chest Rig -- Desert Digital Chest Rig New Desert Digital 6 pocket Chest Rigs! Adjusable straps, one size fits most. Quick release buckles and velcro closure on 5 bottom front pockets. Top pocket has snap closures, giving easy access to a large pocket, spanning the length of the chest rig. There is also a(non-removable)extra Mag/Utility pocket on the front shoulder strap.

    Desert Sand Polypropylene Zip Neck Top Desert Sand Polypropylene Zip Neck Top -- Desert Sand Polypropylene Zip Neck Top These items are being discontinued. As the sizes run out, we will remove them from the site. Get your's today at the closeout sale, before they are gone for good. Returning these items for exchanges may not possible, if the size that you wants is out of stock. Returns can be made for any other merchandise that we sell or for a refund minus a 15% re-stock fee. With a zip up neck and knitted cuffs, this top will keep out the cold. Made from Polypropylene woven materials which are naturally resistant to color change, moisture wicking to keep the skin dry and also prevent the wind from penetrating. Can be worn under the lightest of garments or even under a heavy coat without causing bulkiness. Easy to wash and will last a long time. Product Features: GENUINE U.S. MILITARY ISSUE Flat Collar Zips up to a Turtle Neck Knitted Cuffs Heavy Expedition Weight 100% Polypropylene

    Neos Camo River Trekker - Closeout -- Neos River Trekker - Closeout The ultimate lightweight hip wader developed in Alaska for both hunting and fishing. More compact than traditional hip waders - these easily store in a day pack. They offer 100% waterproof protected for the stream environment as well as for shooters in the marsh. Height: 30� Weight: 2.9 lbs 160 Denier nylon pack cloth Duraflex Quick Release Buckle Vibram� Ninja outsole Comfort rating: 0 Degree F 100% Waterproof Snowshoe compatible heel Mens XS: 3.5-5 Small: 5.5-7 Medium: 7.5-9 Large: 9.5-11 XL: 11.5-13 2XL: 13.5-15 Womens XS: 5-6.5 Small: 7-8.5 Medium: 9-10.5 Large: 11-12.5 XL: 13-14.5 2XL: 15-16.5 SIZING CHART ASSUMES AN AVERAGE SIZE SHOE. IT IS NECESSARY TO SIZE UP ONE SIZE IF YOU INTEND TO WEAR A WORK, MILITARY OR HIKING BOOT INSIDE YOUR NEOS.

    Nomex Gloves Nomex Gloves -- Nomex Gloves Description: This glove is made for pilots and flight crews. This tactical glove is primarily made of form fitting antistatic Nomex, which is heat and fire resistant up to 700�F. This glove offers excellent thermal protection and is made to military specification. Elastic wrist gives a secure fit. Features: Form fitting, heat and fire resistant to 700�F, excellent thermal protection, military spec, double stitched, elastic wrist. Sizes: 5-12 Colors: Sage Green, Black

    Silva Accelerator Speed & Distance Watches - Men's Silva Accelerator Speed & Distance Watches - Men's -- Silva Accelerator Speed & Distance Watches - Men's Whether you are a hardcore adventure hiker, an avid runner, or simply looking to count your doctor's recommended 10k steps a day, an Accelerator Series watch fits the bill. Advanced accelerometer technology provides highly accurate readings of a user�s speed, distance, and caloric expenditure via a simple wrist watch sensor, eliminating the need for funny looking foot pods or belt clip sensors. Accelerometer technology is 95+% accurate, and much more dependable than traditional pendulum type (ball bearing) pedometers. GPS based running products are super-expensive, super-complicated, and aren�t very reliable for indoor training or under heavy tree cover. The Accelerator Series is the perfect combination of accurate readings, simplicity of use, and stylish design. Technology: The Gadgetry The underlying technology in the Accelerator Series Watches is an accelerometer sensor. Accelerometers are used to measure acceleration. Originally developed during the Space Race to replace outdated gyroscopes, accelerometers can be found in a diverse range of today�s products such as automobile air bags and tilt meters. In the Accelerator watch, a user�s movement (acceleration) produces varying degrees of electric current within the sensor, allowing the watch to detect different levels of acceleration, and therefore measure speed and distance. The Competition There are really only a few different ways to calculate the speed and distance of human-powered, on-foot travel. The first was basic math, next came the mechanical pedometer, followed by satellite tracking GPS years later. Mechanical pedometers are cheap and abundant, but also highly unreliable. They operate on a simply pendulum clicker that relies on the walker�s hip movement to count steps. Unfortunately, mechanical pedometers end up counting a lot of non-walking movements and assume that walkers are making consistent and repetitive steps. GPS technology is impressive, but also expensive, complex, and not always ideal for outdoor activities or indoor training. Satellite signals can be lost in heavily forested areas, indoors, or behind large buildings and receiving signals eats up batteries. When a good signal can be found, often the device does not receive info often enough to account for twisty backcountry trails. The Future The Tech 4 O Accelerator Series fills the void between old mechanical pedometers and the overkill of GPS. A simple, yet versatile, wrist-watch design can provide extremely accurate speed and distance data in all conditions. Features: Pedometer Highly accurate step counter with adjustable sensitivity allows users to tune the sensors to their individual walking style. Doctors everywhere are now recommending 10k steps a day to maintain a healthier lifestyle. All sensors are contained in a simple wrist watch. That means no funny looking mechanical belt clips our funky shoe pods Get off the beaten path! Free yourself from mileage markers at the track or trail! Pick a new route every day! The Accelerator can automatically distinguish between running and walking, and can calculate your average speed, distance, caloric expenditure, and total exercise time. The Accelerator has a delayed step counter feature that differentiates between ancillary movements and actual steps. This feature provides users with the most accurate results by delaying calculation until it has registered 10 steps in a row to eliminate overly sensitive step counting. The smart scheduling features allows users to set the pedometer to automatically start/stop counting steps at a predetermined time every day, so you�ll never forget to turn it on Personal Profile This feature allows users to customize their watch to their specific body type and walking/running style. No matter how fast or slow, tall or short, each user can personally enter their weight, average walking stride, and average running stride in order to ensure accurate results. Hikers can easily account for loaded pack weights. Runners can dial in the stride length to account for varying terrain and/or speed workouts. Quickly adjust weight and stride lengths as conditioning improves. Chronograph The accelerator series� powerful stopwatch features allow users to record exact results to within 1/100th of a second for up to 50 laps and a total time of 24 hours. Although the watch has several advanced ways of calculating speed and distance, the old-school chronograph still has a place and purpose. Countdown Timer A simple countdown timer can come in real handy at times. Set it for 10 minutes as a quick reminder. Use it to monitor your running/walking pace and set speed goals. Alternative Time Zone Great for those that travel! Allows users to set and display an alternative time zone along with the current home time display. Never lose track of time no matter where you are. Daily Alarm Mode We are all creatures . . .

    STABILicers SPORT™ Ice Cleats - Closeout Sale STABILicers SPORT� Ice Cleats - Closeout Sale -- STABILicers SPORT� - Closeout Sale Whether you're hiking an icy trail, going for a winter run, or shoveling the walkway at work, STABILicers SPORT provide confidence-inspiring GRIP. Aggressive cleat and tread combination creates the mobility and traction you need to stay active all winter long. Engineered to be lightweight with Tension-Fit Binding�, STABILicers SPORT holds securely to your favorite running shoe or hiking boot, as well as most casual footwear. Dual-Density TPE Elastomer construction with replaceable cleats provides long-wearing durability. Lighter weight and a lower center of gravity than regular Stabilicers, the Sport is ideal for all outdoor activities during the winter when you need extra traction. Dual density TPE elastomer heal and toe cap stretch for easy put on and holding power. -Full foot slip protection with heel and forefoot cleats maintains traction throughout your natural stride while walking or running. -Lightweight TPE Elastomer holds STABILicers SPORT securely in place. -Traction tread outsole and cleats contact walking surface, providing superior grip on ice, snow, rock, and pavement. -Long-wearing, case-hardened replaceable cleats save money. -New Powder Strap keeps SPORT securely in place for rigorous activities such as snow trekking and trail hiking. STABILicers SPORT Size Chart Order according to your shoe size. Men's Women's Small: 6 - 8 Men's, 7.5 - 9.5 Women's Medium: 8 - 10.5, 9.5 - 11 Women's Large: 10.5 - 12.5 Men's

    Condor Utility Bag Condor Utility Bag -- Condor Utility Bag Heavy Weight Cotton Canvas Large Roomy Zippered Compartment with flap Rugged Cotton Carring Handle Heavy Duty Brass zipper Size: 19" x 9" x 6" Available in color Black Only


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