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Voodoo Shooters Gear

  Voodoo Shooters Gear. Voodoo Shooters Gear includes miscellaneous shooter items like shooters mats, rifle cases, ponchos and more.

Deluxe Rifle Poncho Deluxe Rifle Poncho -- $11.95 -- Deluxe Rifle Poncho Keep the Sun off your sniper rifle when not in use with our adjustable Deluxe "VOODOOSKIN" Rifle Poncho. Hook-n-loop butt stock end cap is adjustable, as is the padded nose cone cover. 4 adjustable web straps with side-release buckles keep the cover secure.
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Deluxe Shooters Mat Deluxe Shooters Mat -- $129.95 -- Deluxe Shooters Mat This Deluxe Shooters Mat is designed and tested by military and law enforcement snipers and is intended for use by their fellow professionals. The outside offers a convenient carry handle and a full backpack-like shoulder harness so you can easily carry your mat and your rifle out to the firing line or deep into the field. Additional straps are provided so you can attach a backpack to the top this bag for additional carrying capacity. Also on the exterior is a padded pouch for your spotting scope (fits up to an 80mm objective lens) and a large padded pouch for electronics, binoculars, rangefinders or other accessories you want to protect. Of course, being a drag bag, it has a drag handles on the nose, but the handles store into convenient pouches when not in use. The backpack straps also have an integral storage pouch. Multiple exterior surfaces have MOLLE Webbing so you can add additional MOLLE compatible pouches or accessories. Un-snap the securing straps and unzip the heavy duty self-healing zipper, and the real fun begins. The bag unfolds into three sections, plus a fold-out leg panel at one end and a fold-out extension on the front to keep your muzzle blast from throwing up dust and giving away your position or obscuring your sight picture. At the top of the matt are anti skid pads that offer a solid platform for your bipod. Large velcro areas allow you to position your accessories where you want them, including one of our ammo pouches or a sniper data book. A zippered pouch for accessories and tools is also provided. When you are ready to stow your weapon away, there are two padded retention straps and a padded muzzle protector to help lock your weapon into place. Simply strap your weapon into place (holds a rifle up to 48 inches long), refold the mat, zip it up and synch the straps. Your gun will be locked into place and surrounded by thick, impact-absorbing closed sell foam. The bag is not designed to be used in marine situations, but it is highly weather resistant and offers a high degree of protection for your weapon and delicate optics. The bag itself is constructed from rugged materials with heavy duty zippers and reinforced stress points.
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Molle Shotgun Scabbard Molle Shotgun Scabbard -- $21.95 -- Molle Shotgun Scabbard This MOLLE compatible shotgun scabbard is designed to give you a safe, convenient way to transport your shotgun by strapping it to your backpack, rucksack, or padded weapons case. It can also be slung across your back with the adjustable, removable nylon web sling, allowing you to draw it quickly when needed. A clever person will undoubtedly find many other suitable locations where the scabbard can useful to protect your shotgun from dirt, sand and weather while allowing quick and easy access. This scabbard is ambidextrous and has MOLLE attachment straps on both sides, allowing you the choice of mounting it on your right or left. The 29-inch long scabbard is designed to hold the Remington 870 with an 18 inch barrel and will also fit similar sized Benelli, Mossberg and Winchester shotguns. When properly fitted, the trigger should not be exposed. This scabbard is intended for transporting a weapon, and the chamber should be empty when used with this scabbard. Do no insert, transport, or carry a gun with a loaded chamber in the scabbard. This scabbard is not intended as a long term storage device and does not include any locking or other security mechanisms. Please practice responsible gun handling and observe all safety rules.
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Roll Up Shooter's Mat Roll Up Shooter's Mat -- $46.95 -- Roll Up Shooter's Mat The VOODOO TACTICAL Roll Up Shooter's Mat provides lightweight padded protection with fold-out elbow wings and easy roll-up. Includes sewn-in data book pocket with pen holder, removable tool pouch, ammo pouch and bullet slots for easy, quick access. Adjustable straps with quick release buckles. Extra male end "E" buckles to attach to your pack. Measures 69" x 48" at the widest point. Rolls up to a compact 8" x 20".
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Scope Guard with Muzzle Cover Scope Guard with Muzzle Cover -- $12.95 -- Scope Guard with Muzzle Cover Protect your valuable scope in extreme ops. Our padded cover includes an adjustable, removable muzzle protector with web carry handle for ease of travel. Made of rugged pack cloth. Available in scope size Regular (17 3/4") or Long (19 3/4") Available in Colors: Coyote, Black & Olive Drab
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Shooter's Bean-Bags Shooter's Bean-Bags -- $14.95 -- Shooter's Bean-Bags Why carry heavy sand bags or even bean bags when these lightweight replacements will cradle your rifle and adjust to seven different heights? Use each bag individually, or combine them using the Velcro patches to achieve the perfect elevation for your shot. Most importantly, these lightweight beanbags are held together with a sturdy piece of webbing, so they will not get separated and are easy to attach to your back or other gear.
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Sniper Data Book Sniper Data Book -- $10.95 -- Sniper Data Book Hardcover spiral data book designed for the experienced shooter or sniper. Crammed with important information, tips and charts with areas for your notes and personal shooting records. Features formulas for scope adjustments, windage, elevation, temperature conversions with pages for static marksmanship and moving targets. 132 pages. Measures 5½” x 8½”. Fits into your range bag.
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Sniper Data Book Pouch Sniper Data Book Pouch -- $11.95 -- Sniper Data Book Pouch The New Sniper's Data Book Pouch is a must have item! Designed to hold your data book (not included) at the open without falling back or blowing forward. Features a pull out zippered pocket to carry your calculator, wind meter, etc. Elastic band to keep pages from falling forward. Elastic side straps to keep pouch open, a hook-n-loop tab on back to attach to shooter's mat and to support upper section. Universal Straps and hook-n-loop patch to attach to shooting mat, drag bag, weapons case or backpack. Measures 10.5"L x 7.5"T x 2.5"D.
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Sniper's Wrist Pouch Sniper's Wrist Pouch -- $7.95 -- Sniper's Wrist Pouch Elastic sleeve has loops that keep 9 rounds of .308 snugly and handy. Hook-n-loop flap-covered windows have double layers to prevent perspiration from destroying your data charts.
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Ultimate Drag Bag Ultimate Drag Bag -- $114.95 -- Ultimate Drag Bag Now Upgraded to Hold Two Long Guns and Two Pistols! We can’t quite claim that this latest upgrade has made our Voodoo Tactical sniper rifle drag bag twice as good as it was – but it does hold twice as many long guns and now accommodates two pistols as well. That means you can carry a shotgun and rifle, or a scoped rifle for long range work and a carbine for close-in defense, as well as transport two pistols in one convenient package. What more could you ask for? How about four exterior pockets, plenty of MOLLE webbing and a set of backpack straps so you can carry more gear in the field? How about thick, dense foam on all six sides to help protect your weapons from hard knocks and optic-jarring impacts. This bag accommodates all of that and more. In fact, this latest generation drag bag incorporates enhancements suggested by the tactical community and includes everything on the wish list of Voodoo Tactical design consultant Todd Swank, former Army Ranger and current SWAT Team sniper and competitor. The new design features tons of MOLLE attachment points, or PALS on the exterior, so you can add a hydration carrier or more external pouches to the four built-in pouches. There are also interior MOLLE attachment points, as well as an interior cleaning rod pouch down the spine, and a removable interior pouch. The redesigned exterior also has more attachment points for camouflage or ghillie material. Of course, the bag still uses thick, closed-cell foam to cradle your scoped rifle whether you are crawling through the woods on a stalk, walking in the field, or carrying it from your house to the car. The drag bag has a reinforced front, allowing it to be pulled behind you when you are crawling to your sniper or hunting blind. When you do not need to be as stealthy, you can unsnap the backpack straps from their hidden pocket and carry the weight of your rifle, ammo and accessories on your shoulders. And finally, there are two normal carry handles so you can tote it about like a piece of luggage or carry it over your shoulder. Inside, the two sets of universal tie downs to securely hold your long gun in place during any method of carry. In addition to carrying two long guns and two pistols, you can fit plenty of ammunition and accessories into the bag. On one side of the exterior, there are two long padded pockets which are suitable for storing bipods, shooting sticks, a spotting scope or other gear. Then there's a small pocket and a large bottom pocket to hold plenty of ammo and other accessories. All together, a well made piece of gear that is much more versatile than a hard sided case. The overall length of this bag is 51 inches, and it holds one or two rifles up to 49 or 50 inches long.
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Universal Rifle Guides Universal Rifle Guides -- $8.95 -- Universal Rifle Guides Attach to any pack, ruck, drag bag or rifle case. Just drop the bag and rest the weapon between the padded blocks for steady shooting. Use the MOLLE attachment to add to your existing ruck or pack.
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Voodooskin Rifle Poncho Voodooskin Rifle Poncho -- $9.95 -- Voodooskin Rifle Poncho Simple, lightweight all weather protection for your weapon. Keeps the sun and elements away. Securing straps with side-release buckles will defeat the wind. Side zipper pouch for scope tools. Fold-up and store in your pack, rifle case or pocket. Weighs .57 lbs. Please specify color.
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